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Featured Event: San Diego Black Women Entrepreneur Summit

Sister Cities Project (SCP) understands the vital role we can play locally by supporting black women owned businesses in underserved communities. Our work will be focused on this demographic of entrepreneurs who need our help. 

In the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas’ 2018 report, “Building Entrepreneurship Ecosystems in Communities of Color,the authors Dell Gines and Rodney Sampson outline a template for meeting the specific needs of small businesses owned by black women. Black women owned businesses make up onefifth of all small businesses in the United States and yet, black women face unjust bias barriers at every turn when compared to white women and their businesses. Our mission is to build this entrepreneurship ecosystem model, detailed in the report, throughout the nation with the goal of closing this gap. 

In addition, according to a Goldman Sachs study, if you want to make a difference in communities of color, invest in the women within that community. Your support will do just that! Your investment in the San Diego Black Women Entrepreneurs Summit will allow us to build a sustainable entrepreneur ecosystem model that will allow us to reinvest in other programs and events within SCP, which support the network of black women entrepreneurs.

If you are an organization interested in sponsoring our program please download the Sponsor Package below for details:

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