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Community Connections cultivate spaces and events for residents of differing neighboring communities within a specific Sister Cities Project partnership to build relationships and erase the barriers that separate us.

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Our (Eco)Exchange™ program, which fosters relationship building between local sister communities, is a part of our Community Connections Impact Area.

(Eco)Exchanges™ are our flagship program and the first event in our Cultural Exchanges area of impact with the goal of building relationships between local disadvantaged communities with more affluent ones to help foster understanding and long-term connections.

Our (Eco)Exchanges bring groups of residents from affluent neighborhoods to disadvantaged neighborhoods to support local businesses, visit important sites within the community and have discussions with residents, business owners, community leaders and city officials about how communities within a Sister Cities Partnership can support one another.

SCP sponsors refreshments for participants by a local black-owned business and includes donations to further support the business.

Entrepreneurs and community members from throughout San Diego county are encouraged to join us at an (Eco)Exchange to expand your network and foster connection.

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