The Project

Sister Cities Project / The Project

An idea created by Shawn McClondon and supported by residents from Solana Beach 4 EqualityEncinitas 4 Equality and Del Mar pushing for greater diversity and racial equity in San Diego County and beyond.

Currently, we have designated the following two Sister Cities Partnerships as prototypes with greater expansion to follow.

“The Sister City Program” was born to partner affluent communities with underserved communities in San Diego County for the following purposes:

The practical execution of the Sister Cities partnerships would be to create programs and events that allow the two areas to collaborate and share resources in an effort to forge relationships and provide opportunities for mostly white and/or affluent communities to support black businesses, black youth, black history, black organizations and black arts. And although Sister Cities Project does not exclude the participation of men in our programs, we are focused on prioritizing black women. 

Our areas of impact consist of:

This will be a permanent partnership. Given the current climate in America, we believe that this is the first and most important step toward understanding one another and using that understanding to create the changes that are needed for true racial justice in America.