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(Eco)Exchange 27


This month’s SCP EcoExchange is focused on Redlining and its impact on racial equality in 2022. Redlining, the discriminatory rating system designed by the Government in the 1930’s, defined certain neighborhoods as risky for investment, and has impacted San Diego communities and communities in cities everywhere in America. Many Americans do not know how redlining came about and most important, how it impacts neighborhoods in 2022.

Join us while we unpack all of this with 3 panelists who will bring you historical context about San Diego, an explainer on redlining and how it impacts our Sister Cities residents and friends, and discussion about Redling’s impact in 2022.

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These incredible panelists represent the perspective of professionals involved in Local Government, Real Estate industry and History through the lens of Genealogy Research.

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Location: 215 South Hwy 101, Suite 117, Solana Beach CA. 2075
Date: April 9, 2022
Duration: 1 Day

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