(Eco)Exchange 29

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(Eco)Exchange 29


SCP is hosting another groundbreaking (Eco)Exchange. Join us as we explore solutions for racial and economic equity that may have not been thought or tried yet.

Sister Cities Project was founded on the idea that people that are very different are more likely to help one another if they know each other. Racial inequality and systemic racism are symptoms of racism which persist because of our acceptance of there being an “other”.

So, until the system shifts toward having a true understanding of differences, We the People must demand our own shift toward something more just.


We have brought together a distinguished panel of individuals that are at the forefront of creating varied innovative solutions to tackle this complicated issue. (See Photos Above)

Armand King

Fueled by his experiences in the streets, Armand co-founded Paving Great Futures and now works to guide others out of the systemic prison pipeline. Armand has been creating and implementing new programs serving former gang members, parolees, former felons and high-risk youth for the past 8 years. He serves on San Diego’s Citizens Advisory Board on Police and Community Relations as well as committees dealing with human sex trafficking and victim advocacy issues and conducts community outreach for at-risk individuals. Armand draws upon his direct experience with over 20 years of living a life engulfed in the criminal street element, including direct involvement with gangs, as a former trafficker, the criminal justice system, including incarceration and the challenges of re-entry, to guide others.

Currently Armand is busy developing and promoting his youth mentoring curriculum for at risk male youth. Destroying the path to incarceration through education in our communities.

Learn more here: https://www.facebook.com/WalkWithMeImpact

Dr. LaWana Richmond

Dr. LaWana Richmond could be referred to as a Black female Di Vinci or modern-day Hatshepsut (hat-SHEP-suit). At UC San Diego she serves as the Organizational Development Manager for Transportation Services where she creates frameworks, systems, and tools to support engagement, learning, and innovation. Co-founder and Organizer of Afrofuturism Lounge and Afrofuturism Dream Tank as well as Afro Con. President of Democratic Woman’s Club of San Diego, Treasurer for DETOUR Empowers – nonprofit supporting teen girls’ academic and economic success while focused on developing focused and naturally confident youth.

I am because we are and because we are, therefore, I am from the Ubuntu people aligns and resonates with her spirit and how she moves in the world.

Learn more here: https://www.drlawana.com/

Kim Phillips-Pea

San Diego Artist Kim Phillips-Pea has always been a huge fan, lover and student of the arts. Beginning with the orchestra and choir at Baker Elementary then continuing at SDSCPA, Kim’s love for art includes creative bead work, painting murals and drawing.

As the Art Director of the recent Hip Hop 5k Health and Wellness Festival, Kim’s team featured 3 miles of visual art, a pop-up art gallery and multiple new murals have been approved for the Southeast San Diego Community with one already installed at a local market on Logan Ave. Kim can be found volunteering on weekends holding free paint parties for the youth. One of her main goals is to open a local art gallery with space for workshops.

Learn more here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kim-phillips-pea-2b363622a/


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Location: 215 South Hwy 101, Suite 117, Solana Beach CA. 2075
Date: October 8, 2022
Duration: 1 Day

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