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Volunteer Roles

Review each role and select that role that best fits your interest on the volunteer form provided after you click the apply button below.

Leaders – Take charge individuals that are used to successfully managing companies, projects, programs, or events. You are able to see the big picture and communicate it effectively to everyone involved for the best outcome. Leaders will take charge of a single event or manage one of our areas of impact.

Supporters love making it happen logistically. They thrive on the details that matter when a high-quality event is done well. They enjoy playing a supporting role on a team. Supporters will support leaders to ensure the successful execution of an event or area of impact.

Social Media Enthusiast – people are great storytellers and lovers of pictures that speak 1000 words. They are helping to build a narrative that makes tangible the mission of SCP. During Covid, the social media is a big part of community building because so much is virtualized. The social media enthusiast is another supporter that creates content to share on social media during and after an event or for the Sister Cities Project social media presence as a whole.

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Thank you for your interest in volunteering. Your individual volunteering is going to help us build a living thriving community of relationships whose outcome is to advance the mission of the Sister Cities Project.

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