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Ecosystem Domain Descriptions

Review the ecosystem descriptions and answer the question that follows with the option that fits your expertise best.

Human Capital: The talent and ability entrepreneurs have or develop as they start and grow their companies. This includes technical talent and business talent. An example of technical talent would be someone who has the ability to code mobile and web applications. An example of business talent would be a person’s skill in building and managing the processes, particularly sales and business development, necessary to grow and operate a software company coding business. 

Social Capital: The networks and relationships entrepreneurs have available to them, which allow them to access resources, information and support they otherwise would not have been able to access. 

Financial Capital: Equity and debt-related resources that allow entrepreneurs to fund their startup, hire teams, create product market fit, gain traction, acquire customers and grow their company.

Culture: Social expectations, supports, encouragement, a sense of belonging and celebration of entrepreneurial action. 

Infrastructure: Both the physical and technological capacity a community has to support entrepreneurship. For example, does a community have the appropriate co-working hubs, innovation districts, business parks approach and office space/business park or utility infrastructure to support entrepreneurs of various types? Does the community have access to the necessary broadband capabilities?

Policy: Policies for entrepreneurship generally consist of reducing barriers to entry or creating an environment and resources that support entrepreneurship. Barriers to entry policies may include streamlining or improving permitting, licensing, zoning, infrastructure development and other factors as well as having appropriate tax policy that supports entrepreneurs. Policies that provide resources and support may include ones that focus on the use of tax incentives for early-stage investment, technological development, grants for innovation hubs or accelerators and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education and workforce considerations.

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