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Hello Sister Cities, 

The majority of people receiving this newsletter live in North County San Diego. We need you to be part of a philanthropic effort to speed dollars to a Coalition of trusted local organizations who operate in Southeastern San Diego. Supporting flood relief is an imperative for us all.


I share these images to remind us all that this is happening only 20 minutes from North County San Diego. Left: Recent flooding levels. Right: Community leaders met this week to discuss flood relief strategy.

You are likely in a home that is dry and warm. Meanwhile, 20 minutes south, your neighbors in SESD are suffering. There are countless stories about the flood’s impact on your fellow San Diego neighbors. Today I learned that there are 400 families living in a transient hotel because they have lost everything. Between them they have 103 children. On February 14th, their housing vouchers will run out. Who will pay for their housing? No one is sure at the moment. 

Private sector support is critical. Beyond this one tragic story, there are countless others looking for basic support, food, mental health crisis help and confidence that the whole of San Diego county is committed to seeing through the relief effort.

Professional Services Needed Right Now:
There is also a critical need for professionals who have the ability to offer pro bono services. There are two specific areas of immediate need. Who do you know? Email us:

    1. We need a consultant who understands security systems for construction sites, like Eyeson Security systemsThis is needed to help protect unoccupied homes that are at risk.
    2. Insurance professionals are needed to work with residents to help with claims. This is very difficult when you have been displaced and have nothing to work with.

It is currently Black History Month. Please learn about the practice of Redlining in the 1930’s and how it directly links to these Floods today. Then recommit to being an Ally.

Thank you for being here. The need for philanthropic help is immediate.

Shawn McClondon

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