(Eco)Exchange 31: Reimagining Community & Being A Neighbor

Sister Cities Project / (Eco)Exchange 31: Reimagining Community & Being A Neighbor

(Eco)Exchange 31: Reimagining Community & Being A Neighbor


Join us for Sister Cities Project innovative (Eco)Exchange discussions. Our topic for this month’s Event, is reimagining communities. This topic invites us all be an active neighbor in supporting and building Communities. “Neighbor is not a geographic term, it is a moral concept.” What does it mean to be a neighbor? How can residents of neighborhoods with abundant resources support neighbors in areas where there have been, by design, never enough resources?

Can we reduce racism by being active neighbors? Yes, we think so.

At the (Eco)Exchange, we will discuss how to create a thriving ecosystem by examining topics such as housing, job creation, and supporting small businesses. By coming together and discussing these issues, we can create greater empathy and understanding, leading to reduced racism in San Diego and beyond. We have seen positive results from past exchanges, which have been featured in several media outlets and have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from participants. After 50+ events over three years, there is a growing network of active neighbors building relationships that never existed between north and south county. These relationships collectively are making an impact.

The (Eco)Exchange format invites you to learn, engage and act. Understanding the ecosystem solution is an important part of understanding how you can be of support to your neighbors.

Get ready for an incredible panel! Our CEO Founder, Shawn McClondon, will moderate as community leaders and experts share personal experiences and their professional expertise on topics including:

  •  Business Growth as an economic equity solution
  • Systems to implement Workforce Development for Youth in San Diego
  • The work of Community Building in under-resourced Communities
  • Learning History and Context for why we are here.

What is the Sister Cities Project (Eco)Exchange?

It’s about creating local change in communities nationwide. It starts with a simple idea that if individuals in disparate communities build relationships with one another, we would create greater understanding and ultimately, eliminate racismIt’s really as simple as that. Collectively, our individual relationships hold the power to create sustained change in San Diego and then across America. Join our (Eco)Exchange and be part of a simple idea for meaningful change.

Your $20 ticket helps Sister Cities Project pay for Event food from a local business owned by a Black Entrepreneur. Putting our dollars into businesses owned by Entrepreneurs of color, is a simple and powerful way to support the ecosystem.

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Location: Solana Beach Works 215 South Hwy 101 Suite 117 Solana Beach, CA 92075
Date: May 6, 2023
Duration: 1 Day