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We are all Sister Cities Project! As neighbors, we collectively share in the challenge of building a more equitable society. Any Inequities really do affect us all, and addressing them is crucial for our collective well-being. I ask that you please explore our solutions outlined in this newsletter and contribute in any way you can. Whether you represent a Family Foundation, a Corporation striving to create meaningful change, or are an individual like myself, your support will help us bridge the gaps. We need your involvement as a good neighbor today!

We’re Bridging the Gap in Education. Did you know that school funding is based on revenue from property taxes? This creates a seriously unfair system, affecting access to quality education in certain neighborhoods. We’ve created a coalition of PTA’s and Foundations from affluent San Diego communities to launch the Equitable Schools Fund that will support schools in areas that don’t have the same resources. Donate now to help us support under resourced schools!

We’re Bridging the Gap for Jobs. Did you know that only 25% of young Black men and women have access to stable employment in San Diego County? This perpetuates systemic inequalities and hinders economic advancement for these young people. SCP has helped create San Diego’s first Black Youth Equity Coalition, forming a pipeline for improved career opportunities and resources for young Black individuals. Donate now to help us create more job opportunities!

We’re Bridging the Gap for Healthy Food. Did you know that access to nutritious food is often determined by zip code? This perpetuates an unjust system, impacting the health and well-being of communities in certain areas. SCP has partnered with Project New Village to support their efforts to build a healthy food co-op in the heart of Southeastern San Diego that will provide equitable access to fresh and nutritious food. Donate now to help us get this built! 

We’re Bridging the Gap for Black Women Entrepreneurs. Did you know that since 2011, Black women have launched the highest number of businesses in America as a demographic group, yet receive only 0.27% of venture capital funding and 0.2% of all small business loans issued? SCP is creating the (Eco)Hub Entrepreneur Learning Platform to provide tailored resources and support, empowering Black women entrepreneurs to grow their business and access the opportunities they need. Donate now to help us empower more Black women.

Please read our document: Funding our Innovative Model for Change. The future of this solution depends on your commitment to funding racial equity.

Shawn McClondon

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